Kelowna Adult Softball Association


KASA President's Report - November 2009


2008-2009 were very good years for KASA. Our rapport with other local sports organizations, SportsKelowna and the City of Kelowna has continued to strengthen.
We still sit on most committees regarding sports and facilities, have a strong say regarding the policies governing same, and continue to pursue revisions to the field allocation protocols and policies that would provide more balanced and practical scheduling of our prime fields.
The two new diamonds at Mission Sportsfields are now up and operating. We hope to have the lights and several other ancillary improvements included as high priorities during the upcoming civic budget discussions.

The City of Kelowna has been quite receptive to our ideas regarding field and facility operations and improvements...especially when we accompany our requests with 'subsidies'.
Mayor Sharon Shepherd very gratefully accepted our contribution of $180,000 towards the reconstruction of Diamond 4 and expressed on behalf of all of City council that they "certainly welcome our efforts and hope that we will continue to invite many more National, Provincial and regional tournaments to our City".

On the downside and as mentioned by Her Worship during our conversations, despite our best efforts to date, we are still nowhere near as well-known nor widely appreciated as we deserve to be by City council members and staff, the general public and our own ball community. This must become a much higher priority in the upcoming season. In fact, at a bare minimum, we should finally be dedicating sufficient funds to acquire whatever signs, banners and other accoutrement necessary to get our message out and our accomplishments recognized.

The overall number of leagues, teams and players seems to be on an upswing. The new NSA organization, with their three new leagues, two new tournaments and several opportunities for yet more provincial and national events, plus some small growth in our existing Men's, Ladies' and Co-ed leagues should offset any losses in other league or tournament play.

Our beer gardens and concession have been very successful---as is reflected in the increased revenues from both. We may well have the operational formulae down to a science.

Now that both SPN and NSA seem to be favouring Kelowna as their preferred tournament site in the BC interior, I fully expect our 'vacancy rate' to drop to near zero and our tournament opportunities and revenue streams to grow accordingly.

With the City of Kelowna policy now being to fill the Mission Sportsfield first (before booking games onto other fields and facilities), KASA is well-positioned to take advantage of the increased participation.

Just this year we hosted several very prestigious events---the SPN National Mens and Ladies 'C' Championships, the SPN Provincial Men's and Ladies 'A/B' Championships and yet another NSA Provincial Co-ed Championship.

I understand that both Chris (SPN) and Diana (NSA) are working to bring more of the same to town in the coming seasons.
Ms. O'Heir and her crew put on the first of (hopefully) many successful 'Bats for a Cause' tournaments with the proceeds (including KASA's $1,875 contribution) going to the cause of Juvenile Diabetes. Well done, Angela.

We will be losing Sherry and Glenn as our concession operators but have some good prospects lined up to take their place. With the much improved menu and (hopefully) somewhat fewer dicta from the 'Healthy Choices' program, the concession should continue to thrive. Thanks to Sarge and Sherry for all they have done.
Every one on the KASA Board of Directors deserves enthusiastic kudos for all for their hard work and commitment. I would especially like to recognize--and express my appreciation for--the time, effort, determination and ingenuity shown by our inimitable Mr. Jones. His support of KASA--specifically regarding the the liquor license, attracting and hosting major tournaments, and the choice of projects we propose to the City--is (almost) immeasurable.

With so many opportunities on the horizon, I hope we can count on the continued support of all members and directors.

That said, we have been at this for a very long time. Some have given more than 20 years of very productive and much appreciated service to KASA. As with most organizations this 'long in the tooth', we may soon be losing some of our stalwarts. Therefore, we are still looking for a few new members for our 'core' group with the hope that we can attract some fresh and energetic faces. I would especially like to find someone who could chronicle our history, involvement's, contributions and projects. If you or someone you know would care to take on this task, please let me know??

Thank you all.

Scott Thompson
President - Kelowna Adult Softball Association.