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KASA President's Report -

Presidents report - April 03, 2012

2011 was yet another progressive year for us.

With our assistance, SportKelowna has almost completed their ‘final’ re-write of an allocation
policy specific to the Mission Sportsfield softball complex and will be presenting it to the affected user groups for final approval sometime in the next month or two.

We have secured the services of a dedicated Beverage Manager and have set some new policies
regarding how the beer gardens will be staffed.
As well,our current concession operators have agreed to return for the next two seasons and will be implementing a few more improvements to the menu in compliance with the Healthy Choices

Changes to the concession facilities (including a complete redesign of the layout, removing the deep fryer and replacing the grill with a more appropriate model, rewiring and re-ducting, and the installation of air conditioning) have once again been proposed by the City.
None of these changes will be started until after the 2012 playing season has finished. 

The KASA sponsored ‘3rd Annual Bats for a Cause’ tournament realized yet another sizable increase in contributions via the generous support of our teams, players and their sponsors.
The 2011 tournament total alone reached the $42,000 mark---which means that we have already
donated more than $86,000 to the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

SPN continues to award us both National and Provincial championships and we are still lobbying the other ball organizations to do the same.

KASA has committed, through the City of Kelowna’s ‘Partners in Parks’ program, to purchase six complete sets of ‘Joxx  Boxes’ which will minimize or eliminate the craters commonly created in each batters box at the Mission Sportsfield softball complex.

According to the our City representatives (and the 2012 City Council Budget documents), the lights for Diamonds 5 and 6 will be installed before the end of August.

And finally, the KASA directors are both honoured and humbled to report that through the
generous patronage of our concession and beer garden by our softball players, their families, friends and fans, we have contributed more than $ 316,000 to the Mission Sportsfield Softball Facility Reserve Account since assuming the operation of the liquor licence----all of which has been or will directed right  back into improvements to the Mission Sportsfield softball complex.
In the past four years alone we have seen $180,000 put towards the expansion of Diamond 4
and another $120,000+ earmarked for the above-mentioned installation of lights on Diamonds 5 and 6 .

All in all, not a bad year by KASA standards.

I would personally like to thank each and every one of you very much for your continued support and hope that you appreciate the resulting benefits of our collective efforts.

Scott Thompson

Kelowna Adult Softball Association